Rapid Bacteria Detection in Under 5 minutes

Profile 1 Manual (PDF)

Description: The PROFILE® 1 Bioluminometer is a hand-held instrument capable of determining the presence of low levels of bacteria. PROFILE® 1 is able to differentiate microbial from somatic cells, yeast from bacteria, and can eliminate interfering (quenching) substances from the sample. To maximize specificity, a series of simple, patented, sample preparation steps are used to remove ATP arising from human cells and other interfering compounds. PROFILE® 1 will detect only viable organisms. Studies performed by the USDA, Agriculture Canada, DOD, University of Michigan, and others have shown an excellent correlation to standard culture methods. Results are read on the LCD display.
  • Provides reliable, near real-time detection of bacteria.
  • Accuracy of a 48-hour culture in less than five minutes.
  • Discriminates bacterial ATP from Total ATP
  • Eliminates quenching substances from sample
  • Hand-held, battery powered

Bioluminometer (Model 3550)
Tests for the rapid detection of bacteria and toxins in human, environmental, surface, food, and water samples.
Descriminates between total ATP and bactirial ATP.

Bioluminometer (Model 3550i)
Utilizing an incubation process to render spores to a vegetative state, Model 3550i detects the presence of spores.

Bioluminometer (Model 4550)
Total ATP and is solid phase (the luciferin-luciferase is freeze-dried onto a membrane). This method is quick, easy and sensitive.