Cholera and Bengal* SMART™
DFA (Direct Fluorescent Assay)
Vibrio cholerae-O1 and O139

Cholera Bengal DFA(PDF)
Cholera DFA(PDF)
Cholera Water Test (PDF)

Description: Cholera and Bengal SMART™ are colorimetric tests specific for Vibrio cholerae-O1 and Vibrio cholerae-O139 which allows for results in 5-10 minutes. Simply collect the patient‚s specimen, place a few drops in the tube of lyophilized reagent to reconstitute, transfer the sample from the reagent tube with a swab and place the swab into the plastic SMART™ device. In 10 minutes you will see a distinct color reaction if a positive result occurs.
  • 96% Sensitivity
  • 99% Specificity for Vibrio cholerae O1
  • Simple procedure
  • No culture required (allows water, food or stool sampling)
  • Less than 10 minutes test time
  • Less than 20 seconds techinian time
  • Detect as few as 2 x 10“ organisms
  • Reagents lyophilized in one tube
  • Distinct color reaction on capture membrane



*Bengal SMART ™ is for investigational use only -- FDA 510(k) release pending.