Salmonella Food Test
  • Less than 20 seconds technician time
  • Room temperature storage
  • Distinct color reaction on capture membrane

The SMART™-II Rapid Salmonella Strip Test is a rapid, non-culture diagnostic assay that can detect the presence of this organism from a food sample pre-enriched in a selective medium. It is an immunochromatographic assay employing colloidal gold-labeled anti-Salmonella antibody as a visual marker for the presence of the specific antigen. The test area of the assay strip is coated with a line of immobilized anti. Salmonella antibody. During the assay, the (enriched) food sample contacts an absorbent pad coated with an extraction reagent to release antigen from intact organisms. This mixture reacts with the conjugate (anti-Salmonella antibody-colloidal gold) that is dried on the assay strip. The mixture diffuses upward on the nitrocellulose membrane chromatographically by capillary action.

If antigen is present in the specimen, a positive result will be visually observed by the formation of a colored band consisting of a specific antibody-antigen conjugate complex at the TEST region of the membrane. Absence of this band at the TEST region suggests a NEGATIVE assay result. A CONTROL line (anti-goat IgG) is present on the strip to demonstrate proper test performance. The CONTROL line indicates the test is performing properly. Absence of this band prevents Interpretation of the test. (See INTERPRETATION OF RESULTS)